300 L Street
Aurora, NE 68818


ASCEND Program

The mission of ASCEND is to empower all students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to meet the challenges of our changing world. All educational planning will be facilitated with the support and cooperation of student, family, community, and the ASCEND educational team. ASCEND will provide individualized alternative learning opportunities for students at-risk of not completing school.


Mr. Joe Vanderpool


Mrs. Kathy Christenson

ASCEND Courses

At ASCEND we use Odysseyware to create a course of study for each student based on their individual credit needs. Odysseyware provides flexible, customizable, effective curriculum and instructional tools for education.  Lessons, Assessments and Instructional Tools are designed to equip learners with resources for academic success, incorporating a mix of grade-appropriate text, direct instruction videos, learning activities and games. Odysseyware lessons also integrate numerous instructional supports to address diverse learning styles and allow ongoing collaboration between learners and teachers.