300 L Street
Aurora, NE 68818


Curriculum at AHS reflects a commitment to meeting the needs of a wide range of student interests and abilities with a goal of preparing students for their future personal/career choices. Basic and advanced course offerings in Mathematics, Science, English and Social Studies classes are available. Complementing the core curriculum is an extensive offering of Career and Technical Education courses including Agriculture Education, Industrial Arts, Business Education and Family & Consumer Sciences. These career and technical curricular areas are supplemented by Aurora’s membership in a local Carl Perkins grant consortium and the Central Community College Tech Prep consortium. World Language, Visual and Performing Arts including Vocal and Instrumental Music, and Health and Physical Education are electives offered to students in grades 9-12. Special needs instruction is available to those students qualifying for the services. AHS operates ASCEND, an alternative education facility and curriculum designed for students experiencing unique challenges in the regular educational setting.

In conjunction with the guidance services, an advisor/advisee program helps students examine career possibilities and register for appropriate classes. Through the guidance advisory program, staff members provide academic, person and career support for all high school students.